Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Picture This!

I was out browsing technical blogs today for a solution and this picture caught my attention.  I am not sure what this particular picture had to do with the subject matter of RSS feeds.  Maybe they were trying to incorporate mindfulness into their message? 

I love the message in this picture.  For me, it serves as a reminder to keep balance, slow down and breathe!  This is easily forgotten as we move so fast through our busy lives.  Many of us rush through our day, wishing the day will come to an end or wishing it was the weekend.  Why wish your life away? 

If the woman in the picture were not balanced and peaceful, she would possibly slip and fall off the horse into the water.  Think about this as you are rushing through your day.  You may be surprise how productive you can be if you are present and slow down your pace. 

I don’t have a horse, but I think I will do a little walking meditation and sitting with my dog after work today.  I am sure she will greatly appreciate it too.  Then again, why wait until later to bring peace and mindfulness into life?  No moment like the present! 

What does this picture say to you? 

May you be happy!

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