Friday, October 12, 2012


Things can be magnified when we are experiencing emotional or physical pain--much like the passenger side mirror on the car.  Look at the pain too close and it is often distorted.  This is especially the case if you are suffering because of unskillful actions or behavior of another person. See the situation as it really is, really see it and feel it, and the truth will be revealed.
Tibetan Infinite Knot
The Infinite Knot, one of the eight auspicious symbols in Buddhism, represents the endless cycle of life from birth to death, dark to light and everything in between.  This symbol is a reminder that life will naturally ebb and flow. We can take comfort that we are all interconnected and no one is alone in their suffering.  All is connected to karma.  You reap what you sow.  Act with good intentions and bring love, peace and harmony into your life.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Looking for Peace? Just Breathe

"Breathing in I calm my body
Breathing out I smile
Dwelling in this present moment
I know it is a wonderful moment"--Thich Nhat Hahn

No matter where you go
What you do
How tough life becomes
There is always the breathe

Fill your lungs and breathe deeply
Realize it all is okay as it is
Only this moment matters
Just breathe
Find your peace
Be free
Be peace

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Oops! I Forgot Something...

I now know for a fact that meditation has changed my life for the better.  What better way to find out than to experiment and stop meditating regularly for a month or so?

Um, maybe not such a good idea…

The impact to my overall feeling of well being, my stress level and how I interacted with others has been very noticeable over the last few weeks. There have been times I sit mindlessly in front of the TV feeling anxious, not sleeping, overeating, and feeling completely sorry for myself.  As a past time, I find myself reflecting on trivial problems, events and things that someone said that upset me… so many things upset me.  Sometimes I for "fun" I contact friends and family members to talk with them about it all.  Talking about the same problem over and over helps, right?  My expensive meditation cushion has been suffocating under a heaped of laundry that I have not been motivated to wash.  There have been days I want to go hide under a rock.  I am sure there are days the people I interact with probably wished I would.  I have been in an official FUNK.

Everything has been magnified, and everything has been about ME. 

Frustrating that it is so easy to drift into old habits.  What triggers us to throw out good habits when times get tough?  Why do we not take the time to take care of ourselves and do good for ourselves during times of stress or when we are so busy?  Think of all of the time I wasted because I was not meditating.  It is during the rough times we need meditation the most.  I do not dare judge myself for my unskillful ways.  This is how we grow, learn and change. 

I am happy to report that I am back meditating again.  Getting back on track has not been easy.  There are moments of sitting where I think I will literally jump out of my skin and sometimes I anticipate meditating longer than the actual meditation.  I have noticed over the past few days the veil of uncertainty is becoming thinner and thinner.  I am starting to feel at peace.

My meditation practice is my little contribution to make the world a better place…at least for me and those I interact with on a regular basis.  Meditation allows us to reach that deep place within and interact everyday with compassion, kindness and wisdom in all that we do.  Something not to forget.

May you be happy! <3